About Us

Learn how to use your rights for responsible Service Dog Use.

We started Idaho Service Dog Advocates to promote Service Dogs for those with different abilities.  We not only educate the public, we defend the rights and laws associated with Service Dogs. We saw that information regarding Service Dogs was spread across different Websites and different Idaho groups. We wanted to create a place where those who were interested in Idaho Service Dogs could go to one location. 

We work with other Service Dog trainers to strengthen skills as well as problem-solve. 

Other advocates in the Service Dog world are vitally important and we partner with them

 to maximize our efforts. 

Some of our professional experience includes working with and for: 

Healthcare organizations, State and Federal government and nonprofit agencies.


We have a combined experience of more than 100 years working with dogs of all breeds. Some of us are professional trainers while others are self-training their dogs with professional guidance.


Evidence shows that dogs enhance mental health and wellness of individuals. Specifically, we believe that trained Service Dogs are not only a working dog that helps those with disabilities, they are also constant companions in daily life.